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General Manager
Retail Solutions

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Enhance to launch its own CSR initiative to assist Small Medium sized Enterprises (SME's). The "Mashkoor" program will assist Omani retailers and local Distributors establishing/improve their Business using Services, Training and Support from Enhance. This program has the support of Sand and The Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Enhance actively supports the Environmental Society of Oman (ESO).

We actively support the collection and recycling of plastic bottles having provided a number of recycling collection points around Muscat. We have placed over 25 recycling domes across Muscat and have, since January 2008, collected plastic bottles for recycling. We are seeking to help educate consumers in Muscat about recycling drinking water bottles and other household plastic bottles. This is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Environment Society off Oman"We are careless with our environment because we can be and because it's easy, but mainly because we don't think ahead; yet we have the capacity to think ahead. It is our job to nurture this ability...the rest will follow."

HH Sayyid Tarik Bin Shabib Al-Said
Patron of the Environment Society of Oman

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