Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions strive to establish strategic partners that nurture existing retail, Food Services & franchise operations. Emerging in 1969 as the first full service retail customer experience in the Sultanate, Retail Solutions has maintained and on many occassions exceeded local expectations in terms of accountability, excellence, service and team work.

Retail Solutions is based on Enhance’s vision of “Making your life better through our products and services”. With a strong focus on customer service, quality deliverance and training, the vibrant team of Business Heads energetically seek to enhance customer experiences. With the Division being almost fully localized with a strong focus on face to face interaction in all of its dealings, it has the executive management fully involved with its Business Heads who in turn are fully supported by the Company's Human Resources team.


Enhance manages and operates the majority of Ahlain forecourt convenience stores at the omanoil filling stations across the Sultanate of Oman.
O Mart and Noor are new and exciting brands of convenience stores created by Enhance.
For many years Enhance has been a successful provider of quality products to hotels, ships, caterers and other institutions.